MR05 – Siemens Magnetom Sola

The Siemens Magnetom Sola is the first 1.5T biomatrix system which leverages on the intelligent combination of Tim 4G and the unique biomatrix technology which embraces the unique set of challenges that each and every patient brings to the MRI exam. 

System Specifications SOLA

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The biomatrix technology is exclusive technology which addresses the intrinsic biovariability in patients as it anticipates challenges such as inability to hold breath, growing population and ever-increasing imaging complexity. Biomatrix anticipates, adapts, and accelerates to embrace day to day challenges.

The Siemens Sola transforms services and delivery of patient care with its turbo suite package which significantly reduces examination time without compromising image quality, whilst ensuring its answers your clinical question. The Magnetom Sola also has integrated eco-power technology which saves on average 30% of energy during standby of the system. 

The design of the relocatable is unique as it is considerably spacious with it being longer and wider, more space for staff and patients which increases compliance, productivity and decreases anxiety. 

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